Product Name: Calcium Nitrate

The main functions of boron relate to cell wall strength and development, cell division. For cane development, sugar transport, and hormone development.

Nitrate Nitrogen (ammoniacal and Nitrate form) percent by weight, minimum15.5
Nitrate Nitrogen as N, percent by weight, minimum14.5
Water soluble calcium (as Ca) percent by weight minimum18.5
Matter insoluble in water, per cent by weight, maximum1.5


  • The mottling and chlorosis of older leaves
  • Spindles often become necrotic at the leaf tip and long margins
  • Rusty appearance and premature death of older leaves
  • Management: 20 Kg CN use / ha

Calcium Nitrate Deficiency

Soil application of 15-20 kg Calcium Nitrate 14.5%/ha at the time of 2nd or 3rd irrigation.


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