Product Name: Magnesium Sulphate

• Mg is the central element of the chlorophyll molecule
• It is a carrier of Phosphorus in the plant
• Magnesium is both an enzyme activator and a constituent of many enzymes
• Sugar synthesis

Magnesium Sulphate : Specifications as per FCO

Magnesium (as Mg) percent by weight, minimum9.5
Sulphate Sulphur (as S) percent by weight, minimum12.0
Matter insoluble in water percent by weight, maximum1.0
pH (5% solution)5.0-8.0
Lead (as Pb) percent by weight, maximum0.003
Cadmium (as Cd) percent by weight, maximum0.0025
Arsenic (as As) percent by weight, maximum0.01


• Mottled or chlorotic appearance at the tip and margins
• Red necrotic lesions resulting in “rusty” appearance
• Internal browning of rind

Soil application of MgSo4 25kg/ha or foliar spray of MgSo4 2% twice at fortnight interval.


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