Product Name: Zinc Sulphate 33%

It is essential for bio synthesis of plant growth regulator. Activity of various enzymes is also dependant upon the presence of zinc.

Zinc Sulphate Mono- hydrate (ZnSO4. H2O) – Specifications as per FCO

Matter- insoluble in water per cent by weight, maximum1.0
Zinc (as Zn) percent by weight, minimum33.0
Lead (as Pb) percent by weight, maximum0.003
Iron (as Fe) percent by weight, maximum1.0
pH (5% solution) not less than4.0
Sulphate Sulphur (as S) percent by weight, minimum15.0
Cadmium (as Cd) percent by weight, maximum0.0025
Arsenic (as As) percent by weight, maximum0.01


• Earlier development of anthrocyanin pigments in the leaves.
• Pronounced bleaching of the green colour along the major veins
• Striped effect due to a loss of chlorophyll along the veins.
• At sever stage necrosis and growth ceases at the growing point (meristem)

Soil application of 37.5 kg Zinc sulphate/ha before the last ploughing.


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