Product Name: Micro Nutrients Mixture

Micronutrients are those essential elements which are required by plants in very small amounts, besides promoting plant metabolic activities and growth of the plants, they play a major role in improving quality, size, colour, taste, input use efficiency of fertilizers, water use, disease resistance etc.

A lesser-understood phenomenon is their role in determining quality and post-harvest life of the harvested produce. As these nutrients are costly and required in very small amounts normally a fertilizer dealer does not stock them like other bulk fertilizers and hence, farmers find it very difficult to correct micronutrient deficiencies. “In order to find a solution to this serious problem, our scientists have developed crop/soil specific micronutrient mixtures for foliar application in black pepper, cardamom, ginger, and turmeric crops which guarantees 15 to 25 percent increase in yield and quality.

It’s kind of a mixture of more than one micro nutrients, which is state specific, crop specific. We are having different Grades with us:

StateSpecification of Product (As per FCO)
Uttar Pradesh/ UKUP Grade I (6%)
UP Grade II (10%)
MPState Approved Grade
RajasthanState Approved Grade (Six elements mixture)
ChhattisgarhState Approved Grade
GujaratState Approved Grade
Andhra Pradesh Paddy Special Grade-1
KarnatakaGrade -1
Maharashtra Grade -1
Himachal PradeshGrade- 2
West BengalGrade -1
AssamState Approved Grade
OdishaGrade -6


Sr.NoDeficient NutrientDiseaseSymptoms
1Boron (B)Hallow stem of brassica of mango

1. Hypertrophy degeneration and disintegration of cambium cells.

2. Necrosis of tissues

3. Heart rot of sugar beet brown heart of turnip, browning or hallow stem of cauliflower dieback or rosette of apples, hard fruits of citurs.

2Copper (Cu)Dieback of citrus1. Chlorosis symptoms. In citrus, stone fruit, dieback of twings in summer rosetting.
3Manganese ( Mn)Gray speaks disease of Oats Marsh spot on garden pea.1. Leaves chlorotic but these smaller veins green, further brown in colour.2. Chlorosis of spinach and beans. Spots in pear.
4Zinc (Zn)Khera in paddyProminent veins pale yellow, bronzening of leaf laina, crinckling and reduction in leaf shape, shortening of internodes, rosette of apples, mottle of leaf citrus , little leaf of apple, khaira disease of rice, white tip of corn, sickle leaf of cacao.
5Iron (Fe)Chlorosis, affect the process of photosynthesis, yellowing of sugarcane, Fe deficiency in citrus is termed as “Green netting”.
6Molybdenum (Mo)Whiptail disease of cauliflower.Melon plants exhibits severe yellowing and stunting and they fail to set fruit.



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