Product Name: Sagarika Z++

Sagarika Z++ is a Seaweed Granule, fortified by seaweed extract (Red & Brown Algae) containing proteins, carbohydrates, Inorganic Salts & other inherent nutrients (Plant Growth Hormones Auxins, Cytokinins & Gibbrelin). The seaweed is mixed with a carrier used to formulate a product rich in Sulphur, Calcium, Zinc and Boron. The seaweeds are cultivated and naturally harvested from warm, tropical regions (Indian Ocean) and therefore is endowed with more bio-stimulant substances. Thus seaweed fortified granules is more effective than extract from temperate region seaweed.

• Seaweed fortified granules increase yield and quality of produce by increasing the metabolic function of the plant.
• It helps in optimizing vegetative growth in the initial phases of crop growth. It promotes better tillering, root growth and nutrient uptake. It also provides resistance to plants against drought conditions.
• Helps plant in cell division, internode elongation and seed development.
• Helps control transport of sugar in plants.
• It activates the soil bacteria, especially rhizosphere bacteria that are responsible for better growth of root system.

Suitable Crops:-Suitable for all field crops, Pulses, Oilseeds, Horticulture & Vegetable crops, Sugar & Fibre crops, Plantation crops, Medicinal and Aromatic crops.

Method of Application & Dosages :-Seaweed granules should be used @ 8-10 kg/Acre in case of field crops 10 days after sowing/ transplanting and the second application 30 days thereafter.

Spread evenly among the crops.

For perennials/ vines use 100-150 grams per tree/vines.


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