Benefits of ‘IFFCO Bazar’ Franchisee

  • Easy way to be self-employed and earn a livelihood.
  • Association with the largest fertilizers manufactures and distributor of India.
  • Store design ensuring it’s the most modern & efficient store in the market.
  • Product sourcing, pricing, promotion, i.e. entire back-end will be taken care by IFFCO eBazar.
  • Assured supply of inputs and special offers and discounts will be made available only for IFFCO eBazar franchisee and not to other non-IFFCO retailers.
  • Just in time replenishment from the IFFCO eBazar efficient supply chain.
    Franchisee to focus only on selling and expand networking.
  • Marketing & promotion support of the IFFCO Bazar brand and brand building efforts will be done by IFFCO eBazar.
    Toll-free phone facility available for any inquiries.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Individual person/entrepreneur, private dealer and Institutions (FPO/Village level Cooperatives/Federations/Private Companies) can adopt this model fulfilling above criteria.
  • Having access to a store (approx. 200-400 sq. feet) in the village/town and a godown (approx. 1500 sq. ft.) where the store is to be opened. It can be own/rented space.
  • All investment for setting up the store for furnishing of Retail outlet (like Computer, Printer, UPS, and PoS machine, Civil alteration, Painting , Inverter, Furniture, Electrical Appliances, Weighing Machine, Locks, etc.) will be borne by the Franchisee.
  • Having capability to acquire required licenses. The minimum qualification for obtaining licenses is B.Sc. (Ag) or B.Sc. with Chemistry as a subject.
  • Men Individual franchisee will be required to pay non-refundable money of Rs. 1.00 Lakh in form of DD to IFFCO eBazar Limited payable at New Delhi. First 100 women franchisees are exempted to pay any money. IFFCO eBazar will provide signage, sale counter and interior (display rack, wall graphics and display board).
  • Proposed location for franchisee should be high potential area for agri-input sale, which will be decided by IFFCO Field Staff & IFFCO eBazar and there should be no IFFCO FSC/IFFCO Bazar / Active IFFCO Society/IFFCO Bazar Franchisee near that location.
  • After completion of all requirements and verification by IFFCO Field Officer a person will be awarded as IFFCO eBazar franchisee and an agreement will be executed between IFFCO eBazar and the franchisee.
  • Showroom will be as per IFFCO eBazar guidelines. Materials will be supplied after inspection of store to check compliance of interior
  • Minimum annual sale value by franchisee will be Rs. 100.00 Lakh in which other products sale value should be Rs. 10,00,000/-. In case of non-performer, membership of franchisee may be cancelled.
  • Salesman & helper to be appointed for store operation or same to be managed by franchisee.
  • Franchisee will not deal with and/or sell any commodity / product of any other entity that would compete with any IFFCO eBazar Products, for this purpose.
Documents required at various stages:
  • Documents for application of Franchisee:
    1) Request Letter
    2) Filled application form
    3) Documents desired as per application form
  • Documents after agreement:
    1) DD/RTGS Rs. 1.00 Lakh (for men franchisee)
    2) Signed agreement copy (each page should be signed)
  • Documents before start of operations:
    1) GSTNo.
    2) License copies of fertilisers, pesticides & seeds
    3)Photographs of showroom

1. Margin: Margin will pass on to the parties as per details below:


Sub Category

Margin Retained by IFFCO Bazar

Subsidized Items

Urea (Rs./MT)


Complex (Rs./MT)


Non- Subsidized Items

Other fertilisers of IFFCO (Rs./MT)


Pesticides, Seeds, Bio fertilisers, Cattle Feed, Sprayers, Neem Cake and Other Product etc

10% of Retail Margin

Sagarika, MgSO4, Sulphur 90%, WSFs, & Other Products marketed by IFFCO eBazar

Retail Margin as per IeBL

2. CreditLimit: No credit limit will be provided.


IFFCO Sadan, C-1 District Centre, Saket Place, New Delhi - 110017

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