Pack Size

250ml, 500ml, 1ltr
Product Name: YURI
Technical Name: LAMBDA CYHALOTHRIN 4.9% CS
  • YURI belongs to Synthetic Pyrithroid group of Insecticide.
  • YURI is recommended on several crops like, Paddy, Cotton, Vegetables and Grapes for control of Lepidopteran pests and Thrips.
  • YURI has a quick knock-down and repellency effect through contact, residual and stomach activity and therefore stopping pest damage to crops immediately.
  • YURI can be applied as a foliar spray using most types of spraying equipment. Application should be made when pests first appear and repeat after 7 days depending upon  infestation.
  • YURI is best formulation having micro capsule technology, ideally suited for long lasting pest management strategy.
  • YURI has capacity to remain effective on leaf surface for longer time than other synthetic pyrithroids. It has capacity to remain on even hard surface like stem and petiole.
  • YURI also repel the insect to feeding site. It should be used on same day when the spray solution is made. Keeping it longer for more than a day will disintegrate capsule.
  • YURI can be tank mixed with commonly known pesticides.
Recommended CropRecommended Pest / DiseasePer AcreWaiting period
Dosage FormulationDilution in water in ltr.
PaddyStem borer & Leaf Folder10020015
BrinjalShoot & Fruit borer1202005
OkraFruit borer1202005
TomatoFruit borer1202005
GrapesThrips & Flea Beetle100200-4007
ChilliesThrips & Pod borer2002005
SoyabeanStemfly & Semilooper12020031


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