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25g, 250g, 500g
Product Name: SHOKU
Technical Name: DIAFENTHIUNRON 50% WPR
  • SHOKU belongs to thiourea group of insecticide.
  • SHOKU is recommended on several crops like Cotton, Chilli, Brinjal, Cardamom and Cabbage crops for control of White fly, Aphids, DBM, Mites etc.
  • SHOKU degrades into a urea derivative resulting in a phytotonic effect, enabling the plant to overcome the damage caused due to insect pest infestation.
  • SHOKU is an unique insecticide to control both adult and nymphal stages of wide range of insect pests.
  • SHOKU belongs to a Thioureas unique chemical group allowing control of insects and mites resistant to major chemical classes such as Organophosphates or Pyrethroids.
  • SHOKU  has strong translaminar action efficiently controls the pest which is even underside of the leaf and hidden sucking pest.
  • SHOKU paralyze insects immediately after coming in contact. Insects stops feeding but dies after 3-4 days.
  • SHOKU  is safer for beneficial insects & most suitable for integrated pest management.
Recommended CropRecommended Pest / DiseasePer AcreWaiting period
Dosage FormulationDilution in water in ltr.
CottonWhiteflies, Aphids, Thrips, Jassid240200-40021
CabbageDiamond Back Moth240200-3007
CardamomThrips, Capsule borer3204007
CitrusMites2 g/ltr2 – 3 ltr/tree30


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