Pack Size

500ml, 1ltr, 5ltr
Product Name: SOKUSAI
Technical Name: PRETILACHLOR 50% EC
  • SOKUSAI belongs to chloroacetamite group of weedicides.
  • SOKUSAI is a pre-emergence Rice herbicide to control grassy, broad leaved and some sedges.
  • SOKUSAI stops the growth of weeds by controlling the cell division of weeds at the emergence stage itself.
  • SOKUSAI can be applied within 5 days of Rice transplanting, to get better result spray uniformly in standing water & hold water for 2-3 days after the application.
  • SOKUSAI inhibits the affected weeds growth by reducing the cell division. 
  • SOKUSAI is highly selective to Rice crop and it safe for the rice crop. It provides early and longer duration control of weeds in Rice.
  • SOKUSAI is preferred in transplanted paddy crop and has longer residual action.
  • SOKUSAI can be used under IPM management strategy, it is used in all agro climatic conditions and has no adverse effect on any recommended varieties of Paddy
Recommended CropRecommended Pest / DiseasePer AcreWaiting period
Dosage FormulationDilution in water in ltr.
Transplanted RiceBarnyard grass, Jungle rice, Umbrella sedge, Rice flat sedge, fimbristylis (Bhangra), Paddy clove, Pond weed, Red sprangletop, Torpedo grass etc.400-600200-28075-90

Note: Always use Flood Jet or Flat Fan nozzle for herbicide spray


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