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120g, 250g
Product Name: SAIKIN
Technical Name: TRICYCLAZOLE 75% WP
  • SAIKIN is belongs to Trizole chemical group.
  • SAIKIN is very effective fungicide used to control the Blast disease in rice.
  • SAIKIN rapidly absorbed and translocated systemically in plants and provides longer duration control.
  • SAIKIN should be sprayed at the initial blast development of the leaf called Leaf blast stage followed by its application before the symptoms visible on neck.
  • SAIKIN reduces the chaffy & broken grains and also increases the quality & yield of the Rice crop.
  • SAIKIN is a highly systemic fungicide which provides effective control of Leaf blast, Node blast and Neck blast in Rice. 
  • SAIKIN can be applied as preventive spray starting from Nursery to mature crop stage or immediately after appearance of  Blast symptoms.
  • SAIKIN has not developed the resistance among the blast races in India.
  • SAIKIN is compatible with commonly used pesticides. It is not compatible with lime sulphur and Bordeaux mixture or alkaline solutions.


Recommended CropRecommended Pest / DiseasePer AcreWaiting period
Dosage FormulationDilution in water in ltr.


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